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Power Duct & Specialty Conduit

Specialty Conduit Products

Dura-Line offers the widest range of Specialty Conduit products, specially designed to perform in specific applications. Dura-Line's Specialty Conduits are designed and manufactured to perform to meet application-specific requirements such as aerial, locatable, providing superior mechanical protection, and fire resistant spaces.

HDPE Power Ducts

HDPE Power Ducts offer a faster, safer, and easier methodology for building underground electrical networks. The inside ribbed design with a SILICORE layer offers high crush resistance and further reduces friction to facilitate cable placement.


  • High ductility, flexibility, and UV stability
  • High ESCR and crush resistance
  • Facilitates maintenance and future upgrades
  • Reduces project installation costs and time


DuraSure conduit allows for exact depth and location of the conduit after it’s been placed in the ground. The design of DuraSure includes a co-extruded highly conductive copper wire encased in HDPE along the entire length of the conduit. The wire emits a signal that can be traced by a hand-held duct locator, displaying the depth and location.


  • Accurate depth measurement
  • Effective over long distance
  • Telecom network can be tracked and located accurately, preventing expensive unintentional cuts by third parties
  • Use with GPS Receiver and Transmitter

Figure 8 Aerial

The Figure 8 design offers a flooded galvanized support strand for easy one step aerial placement of a duct and strand. The co-extruded SILICORE lining creates a pathway for easy fiber optic placement. This is a great option for direct aerial installations with:

  • Difficult, hilly terrains
  • Highway or water crossings
  • Congested cities
  • Added defense against rodent damage


Dura-Line was the first to pioneer a new formula for Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Conduit. Our new formula exhibits excellent properties such as low flame propagation, low smoke generation, zero halogen emissions, and excellent low temperature mechanical properties. LSZH Conduit are designed for use in applications where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas pose a health risk and possible damage to electronic equipment. Examples include enclosed public areas and poorly ventilated areas such as tunnels, mass transit corridors, behind-the-wall, control rooms, and confined spaces.


  • Very low smoke generation for better visibility
  • No halogens, safer to use in confined spaces
  • 10 bar maximum installation pressure
  • Compatible with standard micro couplers and accessories

Armor Guard

Armor Guard is an armored duct designed to provide the highest protection in direct burial or aerial applications. The corrugated steel armor is coated on both sides with a corrosion-resistant copolymer. The coated armor is integrally bonded with the HDPE jacket for superior cable protection in rugged environments.


  • Available in 1 ¼” duct with choice of wall: SDR11, SDR13.5, SDR17
  • Superior mechanical protection against rodents, ballistics, crush, chemicals, moisture penetration and ground or soil heave
  • Flexible, coated steel armor layer
  • Recommended couplers: Split-Lock II or Shur-Lock


This technically superior and cost effective solution for casing electrical, communication, or data cables replaces traditional PVC piping. The bendability allows for easy handling and navigating bends and turns. DuraBend reduces installation and repair times and allows for upgrading at a lower cost.


  • High crush resistance over PVC
  • UV protected
  • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant
  • 50 year life expectancy
  • Dielectric
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Questions about Specialty Conduit?

We've got answers about Specialty Conduit!

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